PhaseLux continuously focuses on the latest technological developments of solar modules. We do this by regularly exchanging ideas with research institutes, partners and our customers. With a lot of discipline and our pursuit of perfection, we challenge ourselves every day to achieve the highest efficiency and to design the modules so that they have a long life.

In order to install and connect the modules at your site, so that you can enjoy your investment for a long time and safely, PhaseLux works exclusively with premium partners.

We accompany these partners and keep them up to date, so that they also work according to our principle of “the latest technology known to us”.

PhaseLux only brings products to market for which it would figuratively put its hand in the fire.

With our quality management system and our environmental management system, we ensure constant monitoring of quality. In addition, the quality of the productions is certified by regular inspections by the responsible bodies in all countries where PhaseLux is available.

We continue to look for solutions to minimize the use of valuable and scarce raw materials such as silver without compromising efficiency and durability.


Each PhaseLux panel has been designed with the utmost care to achieve maximum durability. In addition, PhaseLux solar panels have been thoroughly tested for long-term reliability before they spend years on your roof converting irradiated solar energy into electrical energy very efficiently. The carefully selected components used are subject to strict quality control in various steps:

  • Strict controls are carried out even before the production process begins. We also make clear agreements with our suppliers on all technical, quality and testing conditions.
  • All our orders are carefully prepared by a team of experienced engineers. They use a checklist to verify factory locations, workshops and production lines that are specifically relevant to the order.
  • We perform factory acceptance tests. These are specially designed to verify that the storage systems are functioning optimally and that they meet the minimum requirements.
  • We also check the raw materials and components used during our production process. We verify that they fully comply with the BOM (Bill Of Materials) and that the composition of the components complies with the CDF (Constructional Data Form). This way we can confirm that the IEC or UL certification of the PhaseLux panels is correct and valid.

All these findings are summarized in a report. Our quality is regularly checked by independent test institutes such as TÜV SÜD in Germany and IMEC in Belgium. In this way, we guarantee that PhaseLux panels meet the highest requirements and can withstand the toughest conditions.

Finally, we have independent spot checks performed by SolarTesters at the storage locations of the panels. They test panels on-site in their mobile lab to ensure you receive the product you were quoted.

By always adhering to the above procedures and controls, we are confident in the quality of our products now and in the future. That’s why we offer a 35-year insured warranty on our products.


Your return on investment is optimally protected with PhaseLux. In addition to the 35-year insured warranty on product and performance, PhaseLux offers an extra insured service warranty, which is an all-in insured warranty. If the panel does not function properly or if the panel becomes defective, PhaseLux will reimburse not only the cost of a new panel, but also the cost of installation and removal, as well as transportation costs.



To prevent the warranty on the panels from being voided in the event of PhaseLux’s insolvency, PhaseLux has reinsured the full 35-year warranty with Ariel Re, a recognized Lloyds underwriter in the renewable energy world. For this, PhaseLux pays a premium per panel sold. In addition, PhaseLux Group still reserves an amount in the balance sheet per panel. This means that our customers can be helped immediately in case of a defect and there is no need to wait for approval from the insurance company.



PhaseLux reserves an amount from each panel sold to donate to various charitable causes. Due to PhaseLux’s rapid growth, the donations continue to grow. This has led PhaseLux to establish its own foundation; the PhaseLux Foundation.


PhaseLux plays an important role in the energy transition in the European market for high quality solar modules and our stakeholders expect maximum efficiency. Our employees try to meet these challenges every day. In addition, as PhaseLux we also feel responsible to give something back to the society in which we operate.

The foundation focuses mainly on projects where education and development of children and young people, preferably in combination with sustainability, play an important role. These projects can be proposed by third parties and by PhaseLux employees.